Meg* is a life coach who does amazing work with her clients by helping them change their lives. But although her clients feel uplifted and inspired, Meg feels drained after her coaching sessions. She feels low in energy and is filled with self-doubt. Meg is suffering from burnout.

Coaches, healers, nurses and others who work in the human service fields are prone to burnout. It is a result of unsustainable, one-way energy flow between workers and those they serve. When we give without receiving and replenishing ourselves, we end up depleted. But what is the source of this depletion?

The “Not Enough” Issue

As I assessed Meg’s energy from a distance by Skype and listened to her words, I could tell Meg was not in her higher self. The higher self is associated with an open, flowing and expansive state of energy. This is the most efficient and effective way to live your life. But Meg was in her lower self, characterized by a low frequency, inefficient, unsustainable and energetically-disrupted state. This lower-self energy state is associated with relationship and health issues, ineffectiveness and feelings of powerlessness.

Meg doesn’t feel like she is doing enough for her clients. She doubts herself and is plagued by feelings of inadequacy. She doesn’t feel “enough.” This “not enough” feeling originates from a disrupted energy state.

We are always “enough,” regardless of our energy state. This is because our value is not dependent on the state of our energy. Our value is permanent. It’s just that we don’t feel enough when our energy is disrupted.

Before I get into more about how to address this issue, I want to talk about how I can affect energy from a distance. I can work with energy from a distance due to the nonlocal nature of energy.

Energy at a Distance

Nonlocality is a physics concept that refers to action at a distance. This action of energy at a distance is well-documented. For example, separate studies conducted in 1996 in university laboratories in both the U.S. and Japan found that research subjects’ blood pressures and heart rates increased at the exact moment another research participant thought hateful thoughts about them. And the subjects’ vital signs normalized at the moment the other participants thought loving thoughts about them.

In another experiment conducted by the U.S. Army, DNA was taken from a subject responded in sync to the subject’s emotional states by exhibiting a measurable, simultaneous electrical response, regardless of how many miles the subject was separated from their own cells.

Through these studies, we see how the energy of our thoughts and emotions does have a direct effect on others, initiating either a positive or negative physiological response. We are all intimately connected within ourselves and with each other through the medium of the universal energy field, regardless of physical distance. When I am working with a client by Skype, I am as connected to them as if they were in the same room. Thus, I can monitor the effects on the client’s energy in real time from a distance.

The Shift

For Meg to recover her energy involved a shift from her lower self to her higher self; from her mind to her heart; from thinking to feeling. Among the techniques I used with Meg, I’d like to share with you how to use healing affirmations.

Healing affirmations are different from positive affirmations, or positive thinking. The positive thinking movement teaches us that whenever we have a negative thought, to quickly replace it with a positive thought lest we attract more negative. Dwelling on the negative is indeed characteristic of the lower self. However, pushing negative thoughts underground can create fertile ground for the development of a hidden agenda.

From below the surface, the lower self can take over situations without our awareness. For example, if you affirm you are calm and peaceful without acknowledging the fact that you are actually angry, you push your anger below the surface through denial of the truth. With your anger now below your level of awareness, you can then become easily irritated with others and snap at them. This may bewilder you, as you repeatedly affirm that you are calm and peaceful! But your positive affirmations and positive thinking are not effective until you acknowledge the truth.

So we see that positive affirmations can actually create suppression, whereas healing affirmations are designed to facilitate healing. Healing is facilitated by acknowledging your current state in the energy of acceptance. Obviously, you don’t want to stay in that negative state. But a brief acknowledgment of how you really feel is an act of compassion that repositions you in your heart. By simply acknowledging how you really feel with acceptance, you shift from lower self to higher self!

Healing affirmations also facilitate healing by aligning with truth. This includes not only the truth of how you are really feeling but also the universal truth of your value and wholeness. As I mentioned earlier, even when you feel not enough, your “enoughness” is actually permanent. The truth is that even though you don’t feel enough, you actually are enough!

Using Healing Affirmations

A healing affirmation contains three parts: First, a compassionate acknowledgment of your current state; second, a self-affirming statement of universal truth; and, third, an action you are willing to make. Say your affirmations out loud and feel them in your heart.

Here are some examples of healing affirmations you can use if you don’t feel good enough:

Even though I don’t feel enough, I am always an acceptable person. And I am willing to recognize that this feeling of not enough is a transient experience of disrupted energy.

…Even though I am filled with self-doubt, I accept myself completely and deeply. And I am willing to accept that I’m always enough, even when I don’t feel it.

…Even though I don’t feel like I’m doing enough for others, I am lovable and acceptable exactly as I am. And I am willing to give and receive love and support equally.

Increased Effectiveness

Using Energypathy Healing® I worked with Meg using a variety of therapeutic energy techniques, including healing affirmations. Meg also used healing affirmations on her own to integrate the healing.

As a result of our sessions together, Meg is able to receive her client’s gratitude for their work with her, instead of doubting what they were telling her! A health issue that Meg had thought was unrelated cleared up, and she began communicating her needs more effectively in her personal relationships. Meg reported feeling more confident in herself, more energetic, more passionate about her work, and a general sense of happiness and well-being that she had not felt in a long time.

*not her real name

About the Author: Heidi DuPree, RN, CTN, is an award-winning author, holistic nurse, Certified Traditional Naturopath, energy healing therapist-coach and founder of Energypathy Healing®. She has been working with energy for over 20 years and specializes in mentoring and teaching healers, coaches, nurses, caregivers and highly sensitive women. Her books – The Other Medicine That Really Works and Awaken Your Greater Health – have both won national and international book awards. The books are available on her website and Check out our book review and link on our Resources page. Additional information and free resources can also be found at

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