Looking for a healthy way to…

  • Find peace of mind & stability

  • Alleviate stress-related health symptoms

  • Learn from & interact with stress

  • Increase clarity, focus & energy

Your journey begins here.

Get Insight & guided exercises from 3 holistic practitioners in 1 with our Coping with Stress Audio (MP3)

Better than a Meditation app -Guaranteed!

Hear from 3 of Wellness Hub’s holistic practitioners!

Workshop Presenters

Karen David RN, MHWC, MSI-BC
Health Coach & Registered Nurse


Nicole Kovalenko MS, IAHC, AADP
Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Denyse Peterson MS, C-IAYT, ERYT500
Certified Yoga Therapist


Workshop Testimonials

This workshop received 5 star reviews from attendees:

“I really enjoyed the workshop on stress and the practices the speakers gave. Looking forward to future events.”

“Inspiring and informative workshop –helped me think deliberatively, more focused about stress.”

“Great workshop! Thank you for putting together such and excellent panel of experts.”

"This was an information packed hour –great use of my time. Lots of take aways - I can use for myself and my clients!"

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Why should you buy this when there is so much free information available online?

Chances are you have tried the free information and you haven’t implemented it or gotten results from it.

People buy online courses, workshops, and audios because they are looking for:

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  • Educational content that is properly sequenced –to be taken on a journey from start to finish
  • Convenience –Who wants to scour the internet for random information from different people with conflicting opinions & questionable credibility?
  • The Missing Pieces –We’re telling you things you don’t even know to look up and what you haven’t heard before
  • Accountability/Motivation – You’re more likely to use something you pay for. Beyond this audio workshop, you can easily access these Wellness Hub practitioners to support & motivate you on your journey (see their contact info in our directory)
  • Unique perspective, love, & encouragement offered by Wellness Hub and these practitioners/presenters

“The best things in life may be free, but some of the best things online are not.” @MarieForleo

The Workshop Presentation is 1 hour. This digital package includes an MP3 audio file from the workshop for download. Listen to the whole session or skip to your favorite guided meditation or breathing exercise.

Available on demand anytime you want to tame your stress.

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